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Discover the Third Wave Coffee Movement

8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over, Optimized

Where rich flavor meets convenience. Brim’s 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker creates artisanal coffee flavors in the comfort of your kitchen. Approved by the Specialty Coffee Association, we utilize classic techniques to create smooth, full-bodied cups of coffee every time. You don’t have to be a coffee snob to know that pour over delivers the best flavor. So why settle for anything less?

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Precision Temperature & Perfect Pour Capacitive Touch Gooseneck Kettle

Precision Makes Perfect

Find out why precision is so important when it comes to brewing your coffee or tea at home. Brim’s 0.8L Precision Temperature & Perfect Pour Capacitive Touch Gooseneck Kettle delivers extremely accurate temperature regulation within 3°F and its angled cut gooseneck spout allows for optimal pouring control, perfect for brewing pour over coffee, tea, or just about any other hot beverage.

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Conical Burr Grinder

Not all Grinders are Created Equally.

Brim’s Conical Burr Grinder delivers perfectly uniform coffee grounds every time. The high performance, fully automated design optimizes grind speed to preserve your coffee’s aroma with 17 precise size settings from Turkish mochas to French press. Grind up to 85 grams of coffee at a time in the easily removable bean container. The durable sleek design is ideal for a long lasting, everyday use. Get grinding.

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Pour Over Coffee Kit

Coffee Done Right

Artisanal. Craft. Hipster. Call it whatever you want. We care about flavor not labels. And delivering the perfect cup of coffee every time. So we created a kit that achieves just that. A cleanly designed transparent glass carafe, Specialty Coffee Association approved scoop, and reusable laser-etched filter are all you need to get the taste of a coffee shop from the comfort of your kitchen.

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Smart Valve Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Smooth, Rich & Strong

It’s no secret that people love cold brew. It’s less acidic than traditional coffee and offers a richer concentrate that is smooth and full-bodied. Enter Brim’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Thoughtfully designed for your kitchen, it reduces the normal brewing process by two steps with an integrated Smart Valve.

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Electric Handheld Coffee Grinder

Good Coffee Starts Here.

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh coffee being ground in the morning. And nothing worse than it tasting weak. It all starts with the beans, so don’t compromise them. Sleek design and a simple Electric Handheld Burr Grinder are all you need to start the morning right.

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