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Why Brim? Why Now?

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Blair Smith
Blair Smith
June 5, 2018

DIY projects are nothing new to consumers. Whether it be a distressed wooden headboard, a succulent backdrop or burlap repurposed as pillows, there is a sense of satisfaction in creating something yourself. With apps, blogs and websites dedicated to making these projects readily accessible, consumers are able to bring crafting into their homes – and this is exactly where the coffee movement is headed. People want the ability to brew coffee, make cold brew and pour overs in the comfort of their own home; they want to have physical contact with the process, smell the freshly ground coffee and enjoy the beverage they’ve created themselves.


Although people want to explore the process of making coffee, many still find themselves unsure of where to begin and which products to buy. Walking into the local craft coffee shop can make the process seem more intimidating: they see the intricate, high-tech equipment and overhear baristas explaining the pour over technique in-depth. The notion of having a scale, a special kettle and a burr grinder to grind your own beans (not to mention mastering the timing and exact technique of pour over) can be daunting. I’ll let you in on a secret: no barista was born knowing how to make coffee, and most take a few weeks just to learn the basics.


Any beginner in craft coffee needs equipment that’s both approachable and dependable, and Brim offers access to both – whether you’re looking to get a better grasp on the pour over technique, or simply learn how to make a better cup of “weekday” coffee. Starting with fresh grounds is perhaps the most vital part of making craft coffee. The Brim Conical Burr Grinder makes the grinding process easy and consistent, with 17 precise settings for any type of coffee brewing imaginable. With the fresh grounds, the aspiring coffee connoisseur is encouraged to begin brewing, first with the Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker, which brews a perfect cup every time with the touch of a button. For those who prefer cold brew, the Brim Smart Valve Cold Brew Maker provides an at-home alternative to that $4 a day habit with a pre-curated recipe and none of the guesswork. And for the purists who want to take the time to master the craft, Brim has a Pour Over Kit, including everything you need to create a full-bodied cup. For those committed to the craft, Brim has an Electric Handheld Coffee Grinder, so they are never left without freshly ground coffee.


Even with the right equipment, is going through the trouble of preparing coffee at home even worth it? Think about trips to the coffee shop: maybe the closest third wave coffee shop is ten minutes away, plus the seven to ten minutes spent waiting in line and/or waiting for your drink – that time really adds up! Combine that time with the average $4-6 spent every day, and you might be looking at $20- $42 a week (depending on how often you go and what drink you order). Instead, imagine spending $15 (even $20, if you’re feeling fancy!) on a bag of coffee beans and being able to take in the entire process from bean to cup in the comfort of your kitchen.


Once you’ve experienced the aromas of freshly ground beans and have enjoyed a few minutes in peaceful, mindful silence at your kitchen table before the chaos of the day ensues, you will agree that it’s worth it.