8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over. Optimized.

8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker



We get it—you want pour over coffee in the comfort of your kitchen. And you want more than a cup at a time. This is pour over, optimized. A thoughtfully designed shower head utilizes pulse brewing to evenly water your coffee bed and achieve the perfect bloom. No paper filter necessary. Our permanent fine-mesh filter allows essential coffee oils to pass through, resulting in 8 cups of smooth, full-bodied coffee. A carafe of craft coffee without the fuss.

Includes a small pack of paper filters for cleaner and sweeter tasting coffee.

 Instruction Manual


Pour over coffee flavour with the convenience of an automatic machine

Constant Temperature

Perfect constant brew temperature 197.6°F to 204.8°F for ultimate extraction

Uncompromised Taste

Ideal Keep Warm temperature – 176°F – does not compromise the taste

Shower Head

Pour Over Shower head for even coffee bed saturation and turbulence resulting in a smooth & delicious flavour

Laser Etched Filter

Laser etched permanent filter with 66g capacity designed to allow for the optimal water to coffee ratio.

Ideal Contact Time

Ideal water to coffee ground contact time between 4 and 8 minutes

Brew Pulse

Brew pulse for full blooming

Auto Shut Off

Carefree 30 minute Auto shut off

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