15 Bar Espresso Maker

Own The Process.

15 Bar Espresso Maker


Own The Process

Item: 50030

Take control of your coffee. Built with a high pressure Italian pump and a powerful thermocoil heating system, the Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker makes it easy to own the entire espresso making process from dosing to sipping. Featuring a commercial style 360? swivel action steam wand along with single and double cup pressurized filter baskets, a stainless steel frothing pitcher and a 2 in 1 tamper scoop, this dynamic machine delivers delicious espresso and café quality microfoam without compromise.

Instruction Manual 

Controlled Pressure

Features a stable high-pressure Italian pump with gauge indicator for balanced extraction.

Thermal Coil

Thermocoil system warms up in under a minute to provide consistently hot espresso shot after shot.

Texturized Microfoam

Equipped with a commercial style steam wand with 360 degree swivel action for perfectly texturized microfoam.

Dry Steam

‘Dry steam’ allows for rich crema made easy for a flawless cup of coffee every time.

Remove Before Cleaning

Drip tray, steam wand tip, and large 51 oz water tank are all removable for easy cleaning

Robust Design

Durable, industrial style stainless steel construction with an elegant wood finish handle and heated top plate to keep your cups warm.


Features a 1250 Watt system with automatic selections.


  • Universal portafilter holder with 1 and 2 cup pressurized filter baskets
  • 12 oz stainless steel milk frothing pitcher
  • 2 in 1 tamper scoop
  • Filter cleaning pin
  1. Use the Brim measuring scoop and a scale (if desired) to dose the 1 or 2 cup pressurized filter baskets when using pre-ground coffee, or use the 1 or 2 cup non pressurized filter baskets when using freshly ground coffee.

2. The double ended measuring spoon with tamper is designed to fit the portafilter exactly to allow for a precise, even tamp.

3. Preprogrammed with 1 or 2 cup basic volumes, each button is also programmable allowing you to customize your brew ratio.

4. Finish off your espresso shot with perfectly texturized microfoam using the commercial style steam wand with 360 degree swivel action or use the instant hot water dispenser wand to make an Americano.