Pour Over Coffee Kit

Coffee done right

Pour Over Coffee Kit



Everything you need to achieve a perfect cup of coffee in one kit

Artisanal. Craft. Hipster. Call it whatever you want. We care about flavor, not labels, and delivering the perfect cup of coffee every time. We created a kit that achieves just that. A cleanly designed transparent glass carafe, measuring scoop, and Eco friendly laser etched filter or traditional paper filters are all you need to get the taste of a coffee shop from the comfort of your kitchen. Our reusable filter is designed to create an optimal water to coffee ratio while allowing essential coffee oils to pass through. The result is rich, smooth, full-bodied coffee every time. Why would you settle for anything less? Simply perfect and perfectly simple.

Includes 20 pack of paper filters for a traditional pour over experience.

 Instruction Manual



Everything you need to achieve a perfect cup of coffee in one kit

Glass decanter

Includes a 6 cup glass decanter and scoop for artisanal manual coffee-making

Silicone cool-touch sleeve

Silicone cool-touch sleeve for easy handling

Laser etched permanent filter

Ultra fine laser etched permanent filter designed to allow for the optimal water to coffee ratio

  • 1 less step, no rinsing the paper filter
  • Allows essential coffee oils to pass through the filter, creating a more rich and full bodied cup of coffee

Place filter into the decanter and add coffee grounds

Saturate coffee grounds with boiled water, and  wait 30 seconds

Pour the remaining water in a spiral motion for maximum flavor extraction

Remove the filter, serve & enjoy!

Practice the art of pour-over brewing