8 Cup French Press

Press On.

8 Cup French Press


Press On.

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Sometimes the right answer is also the simplest. Classically designed with a modern twist, the Brim 8 Cup French Press features a durable Borosilicate Glass large capacity carafe with a 3-part stainless steel plunger and a premium mesh filter to retain all the subtle flavors of your coffee beans. Brew up to 8 cups of excellent coffee in just 4 minutes. With no absorption from a paper filter, pressed coffee extracts the perfect amount of aromatic oils and acids for maximum flavor. Press on.

Instruction Manual

Premium Filter

3-part stainless steel plunger and a premium mesh filter that retains all the subtle flavors and aromatic oils of your coffee beans.

Large Capacity

Large Capacity 1L (34oz) carafe makes 8 cups of perfectly extracted coffee, 4oz each.

Premium Design

Built with a premium Borosilicate glass carafe with a stainless steel accent and an elegant wood finish handle.

Easy Cleaning

Dishwasher safe carafe and filter lid for easy cleaning. Replacement filter included.

Quick & Simple

Brew an excellent cup of coffee in just 4 minutes. Simply add coarse ground coffee with hot water and press.


1. Add coarse ground coffee.

2. Add hot water, stir and wait 4 minutes.

3. Press down the plunger. Serve, and enjoy!