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3 Simple Tips to Elevate Your at Home Coffee Making

Do you remember the first coffee you ever had? Maybe you were younger and wanted to spit it out. Or maybe you’d load…

By Georgie Morley

Brim Coffee

Why Brim? Why Now?

DIY projects are nothing new to consumers. Whether it be a distressed wooden headboard, a succulent backdrop or burlap repurposed as pillows, there is a…

By Blair Smith


Cold Brew Infused Apricot & Chocolate Chunk Coffee Scones

When I look back to when I first created Coffee And Champagne, I seriously can’t believe how little I knew about food. I mean, I…

By Michelle Williams

Tips & Tricks

How to get the Perfect Pour Over Coffee Every Time

Without a doubt, my longest standing love affair is with coffee. I can actually remember my first sip ever! I was eight, and my dad…

By Anne Sage


Honey Spiced Classic Coffee

PREP TIME: 15 minutes COOK TIME: 0 minutes TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes Serves: 4   INGREDIENTS 1.5 oz good-quality coffee beans 3 1/2 cups filtered…

By Brim Coffee

Crafter Lifestyle

Third Wave Coffee: How Did We Get Here?

Coffee, as we know it, exists in many forms. It also exists in waves or movements. We can understand how art movements develop through the…

By Blair Smith